You Can Modify A Nerf Gun To Shoot Nails, Darts, And Fire (What More Does A Kid Need?)

Image Via YouTube/PeterSripol

I'm not actually sure that any child is technically savvy enough to pull off this level of an ultimate Nerf Gun mod, but who the f-ck knows?! America's youth, scratch that, ALL youth circa right now is terrifying. 8-year-olds with Instagram accounts trolling Kim Kardashian can surely translate that rage into modified toy weaponry, right? Ah, I shudder at the thought. Mothers of today, don't let your kid try this. Just tell them, "NO." I know that's not a response most commonly associated with the parenting skills of today, but as someone who heard it allllll the time, I can assure that they'll turn out fine with maybe like some trust, self-esteem, and attachment issues.

In terms of what my ADULT opinion on this tutorial is, because YES, I'm an adult....Well, I've gotta say it's AWESOME. I would have loved to us this on my brother who ritually antagonized me for being chubby my whole childhood. I recognize that the majority of the nerf gun isn't being used and that it's just the shell, but whatever. What have you done today? I doubt anything as productive as the video below.

PeterSripol is pretty well known for his transformational antics of taking every day items like KFC buckets and RC cars and turning them into something extraordinary.

So I'm sure after watching the video you realize that you can't just go to Toys "R" Us and make this thing happen. It's gonna require a lot of patience, power tools, and the steady hand of a Hollywood plastic surgeon. I don't think I'm really encouraged by law, morality, or ethics to suggest you to try this at home. Although, If I'm being honest, I'd really like to see other people try this out. Just on video and no way near me or anyone I love.


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