Ever Been Caught Watching Netflix At Work? Here's How To Access Movies And TV Shows As Audiobooks

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We realize that encouraging readers to watch, or in this case, listen to Netflix at work isn't the most responsible advice, but, whatever — you're going to do it anyway, right? Might as well give the people what they want. We're not suggesting you do this every day, but should there be a time (or two) during the week when you're particularly hungover (or simply don't give a crap about your career) and you want to distract yourself from the bleak reality of office life, we've got the perfect way to do it: Netflix audiobooks!

Reddit user, A_Alexandre pointed out a feature on the Netflix app that we can only assume was designed for the visually impaired. When you open up the app here's what to do — 1) Access the drop down menu in the top left corner. 2) Scroll all the way down through the list of genres and you will find "Audio Description in English" listed directly below "Thrillers".

Currently, there's about 50 movie and TV show titles including Narcos, Gerald's Game, Stranger Things, and the seasonally appropriate, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. If you're having any doubts about this feature strengthening your quality of life, just think about the next time your boss is rambling about "important" facts and figures to your coworker. Instead of nodding along in agreement, as if you really give a sht, just pop those earbuds in and pull up an episode of Parks and Recreation*. It's a no lose situation, guys. Just, uh, yeah, don't tell too many people at the office about this or you're all going to get fired and we really don't want to be held liable.

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