Top "Guy" Movies On Netflix This Month (AKA The Best Excuses To Avoid The Family This Holiday)

'Tis the season to be jolly — unless you have unruly in-laws and a bunch of disorganized holiday traditions and/or plans. That's where Netflix comes in to play, though, because everyone's favorite streaming service is here to save your asses from the mess that the holidays bring.

We've given you all that's going on with Netflix, December 2017, which includes some great titles to post up on your couch and binge-watch, but it's always a bit hard to decide on your favorite Netflix option. No sweat, fellas, because, while the Netflix December releases are great, we've taken it a step further and are giving you the top "guy" movies on Netflix this month.

Whether you're a fan of comedy, action or some other genre, here are the best movie picks on Netflix, December 2017. So, yeah, grab yourself some bourbon and cookies, 'cause all of these movies will help you get out of family time in a hurry!

Lead image via YouTube.

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