All The Movies And TV Shows That Netflix Is Adding And Dropping In March, 2018

Image via Netflix

It's that time of year when the cold is (hopefully) about to end and spring is about to be sprung! But, just because warmer weather is on the horizon, doesn't mean we aren't still going to waste a bunch of time watching as many Netflix TV shows and movies as humanly possible! As the month of February comes to a close, Netflix is making sure we all know what's up for the month of March, releasing the movies and TV titles that will be coming and going as the calendar turns.

If you're anything like us, there's a good chance you've been binge-watching a ton lately — especially with Mother Nature, basically, being drunk, unsure about whether she wants to be wet, dry, cold or warm. That's why we figured it's important for you to plan ahead for all that's going on with Netflix, March 2018.

As Netflix does every month, in addition to the added TV shows and movies in March, we also have the list of titles that will be leaving us — so you better watch before they disappear, guys! They say that March is madness because of all the craziness of the NCAA basketball tournament, but, while waiting for your bracket to be busted, you might as well watch some of these Netflix March releases.


Available March 1

Available March 2

Available March 4

Available March 5

Available March 6

Available March 7

Available March 8

Available March 9

Available March 10

Available March 12

Available March 13

Available March 15

Available March 16

Available March 19

Available March 20

Available March 21

Available March 23

Available March 24

Available March 27

Available March 28

Available March 30

Available March 31


As the list above shows, there are a few classic movies and TV shows coming to Netflix, mixed with a few new titles. Sadly, however, not all of our favorite ones can stick around forever, so here's the list that will no longer be on Netflix, March. Before they're gone, you should probably just binge-watch them for the next week or so.

Leaving March 1

Leaving March 4

Leaving March 6

Leaving March 8

Leaving March 11

Leaving March 12

Leaving March 13

Leaving March 14

Leaving March 19

Leaving March 20

Leaving March 22

Leaving March 24

Leaving March 26

Leaving March 29

Leaving March 30

Leaving March 31

Lead image via Netflix.

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