Netflix Is Getting A Makeover, Completely Changing How Viewers Rate Their Entertainment

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Until this very moment, I didn't even realize how ridiculous the star-rating system for Netflix had been. To me, it seemed like it would be a fairly accurate representation of how "good" or "bad" any given television show or movie was. Well, I was wrong, but instead of explaining it myself, I'll go ahead and let Netflix handle that for the both of us. Really, they sum it up very matter of factly, so if you're still confused about the remodel by the end of the video, my suggestion to you would be to stay away from Netflix and hit the library. I'm kidding, but really, this YouTube video could be understood by a fifth grader (I wonder how many fifth graders have Netflix accounts, now that I think about it).


Make a lot of sense, right? I've stayed away from COUNTLESS movies and television shows on for the sole reason that the star-rating was low. When you give people the choice between 1-5 stars, I tend to think they're a bit harsher than giving them the thumbs up or thumbs down option.

Not to mention the fact, that the star-rating was completely misinterpreted as assisting OTHER viewers, similarly to Amazon ratings, when it was really meant to help Netflix makes suggestions for YOU. I'm telling you, this sort of stuff should have come with a manual. Yes, I do remember saying how simple it all was in the beginning of this article, but that's now, not then!

Well, at least now we're all informed and can take this knowledge to our comfy beds where we can binge watch all of the glorious entertainment recommended just for us, because you know, there's no more stars messing everything up.


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