Netflix Promises Immortality in 'Altered Carbon' — Check Out The Trailer For The Sci-Fi Series

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If your desire is to live forever, then the Netflix series Altered Carbon might just offer a fantasy worth aspiring towards. You could, of course, live as a vampire, with the downside of avoiding the sun and having to consume blood to survive; or be a robot like you'll find in Westworld or The Terminator. But, instead, you may just want to check out what is promising to be one of Netflix best shows.


Based on the series of novels by Richard K. Morgan, the setting is 300 years in the future where technology has reached the point where human minds can be digitized and downloaded from body to body at the time of death. The show focuses on Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), known as an Envoy, a former elite interstellar warrior. Kovacs has spent 500 years in prison, and he suddenly finds himself downloaded into a world he had tried to stop. Despite the fact that death has become obsolete, he’s been downloaded to solve a murder. If he does so, he may get the opportunity to enjoy a new life. Talking to JiveMagazine, Morgan says of the concept of Altered Carbon:

“The idea of what immortality in a series of bodies would do to you, that's just basic extrapolation. Human beings are evolved to last a certain amount of time, and that goes for our mental and emotional processes as well as our physical selves. So it stands to reason that the longer you live, the less like a ‘normal’ human being you become. And I do think that it would take a tremendous amount of willpower to keep going through the process of aging and dying time and time again... I think it's fair to assume there'd be some fairly major psychological fallout from that kind of lifestyle!”

The struggle for immortality begins in early 2018, with the new Netflix series being touted as the answer to HBO’s Westworld. If it's anything like that, oh, we'll be counting down the days till Altered Carbon premieres even more so!

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