Atari CEO Confirms New Console And It's A REAL Blast From The Past

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It's been a pretty solid time to be alive when it comes to video game announcements. From the Call Of Duty: WWII multiplayer trailer to Nintendo's game revival to earlier this month when Atari released a 21-second clip confirming that they had a new product in the works!


As you just saw, the video didn't reveal a whole heck of lot, leaving fans of the console itching for more information. Well, ya'll are finally in luck as the CEO of Atari confirmed today they're "back in the hardwarebusiness." According Wired—"The console, the publication reports, will be based on PC technology, meaning there is a good chance that emulators will be able to play some of the brand's original games as well as any potential new offerings."

Despite both the short video and confirmation, there's still a great deal to be uncovered. There's a domain currently registered un the name Ataribox where you can sign up for more information, as well as three email addresses—one for the media, one for jobs, and one for developers.


Additionally from Wired—"If a new Atari-branded console is released it will mark the firm's first full piece of gaming hardware for more than 20-years. The new device will have a lot to live up to – especially for fans on the old Atari Corporation generation of consoles, including the ST, 7800, Portfolio and Lynx."

Wow, 20-years, that sure is some hiatus! If Atari is successfully able to pull off this comeback, I'd say it's a true testament to the popularity of their beloved product. Not too many companies can essentially disappear for over two decades and come back onto scene as if nothing happened. Here's hoping the new Atari is every bit as great as the original!!

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