New Condom Promises Boosted Sensation, But It's More Expensive Than An Entire Pack Of Your Normal Ones

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For those dudes who have a bit of a problem with unsatisfying sex, there may be a new condom worth giving a try—but be prepared to drop some money in order to get it.

Introducing the Galactic Cap, a $25 condom that was first developed, then funded by a $100,000 Indiegogo campaign, which promises increased sensation.

According to Fitness Magazine, the condom is made from an FDA-approved polyurethane film that clips over the tip of the penis like a Band-Aid over a cut would, creating less surface area and more sensitive skin being exposed during a romp sesh. The cap also has a small hole on the first layer of plastic that acts as a "safety net" for semen, keeping it from leaking out.

The condom isn't yet approved by the FDA, but creator of the Galactic Cap, Charles Powell, still wants to describe how the damn thing works.

Galactic Cap - All New Condom Design from Charlie Powell on Vimeo.


Who knows if this thing actually works—and with a steep, $25 asking price, many of us would rather just stick to the $0.99 option from a drug store—but if you're looking for increased sensation during sex, it may be worth splurging on.

H/T Fitness Magazine