New Gaming Device Can Play All Your Old NES Cartridges, So Take That NES Classic

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Don't get us wrong, like pretty much everyone around the globe was, when the NES Classic came out, we were excited about the proposition of owning one for ourselves so that we could enjoy old school classics on the system.

Unfortunately, like many of you probably experienced, we came away empty handed and got left out in the cold when it came to scoring one.

Fear not, though, because there's a new console called the Mini NT from Analogue that allows gamers a chance to relive their younger days by playing their favorite NES games—and not just the 30 that are pre-programmed onto the NES Classic.

That's right, the Mini NT is an external device that allows you to plug in your old game cartridges to play, so forget about the limitation that the NES Classic has, because there's a new console in town that may be even better.

Of course, not everything about the Mini NT is incredible. While the NES Classic cost $60—for those who could get their hands on one—the Mini NT carries a price tag of $450. It also doesn't come with any game cartridges to actually play, so it's on you to either dig up and dust off the ones in your parents' basement, or go try to track some down at a second hand shop.

Using the original controllers as the first generation Nintendo, the Analogue Mini NT is about as close to an updated version of the NES as you'll find.

Here's how the Mini NT is described by TechCrunch:

The Nt Mini has a solid aluminum shell, which feels incredibly well-built, and is similar to the shell used on its larger predecessor, the original Analogue Nt. The Mini takes up far less space, as its name implies, and still offers the same great features. There are also four controller ports that work with actual NES original controllers, and that can even replicate the functions of the Four Score, the original NES four-player adapter. In the box, there’s a wireless Retro Receiver and NES controller from 8bitdo, but I spent most of my time playing with original wired controllers for that true throwback feel.

It almost sounds like the Mini NT's the better device than the one Nintendo itself just pushed out, doesn't it?

While both the NES Classic and Analogue Mini NT have positives and negatives, the Mini NT gives the most authentic feel of any console outside of the original Nintendo system, which should say something to those who want to return to those days of yesteryear.

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