Get Ready To Be Scared AF With This 2018 Horror Movie Preview

When you think of Halloween you might think of scary movies, but the best horror movies are actually released throughout the year, scaring the crap out of you when you least expect it. And not surprisingly, 2018 is not going to be any different, with a bunch of movie terrors on the way. If you're anxiously awaiting The Conjuring 3, then check out the spin-off film, The Nun. Or if you love the Halloween movies, there's a reboot being unleashed in October. Added to that, we're going to be terrorized again by new installments of The Purge (and its presentation of a world where, one night a year, anything goes), and the Predator (who Arnold Schwarzenegger once referred to as "one ugly MF").

From there, we've got an assortment of mansion-haunting ghosts, possessed people, serial killers, creatures that are drawn in by sound, so shut the hell up (the creepy A Quiet Place); and a new man vs shark adventure with The Meg. But this isn't Roy Scheider or Blake Lively dealing with your average great white in Jaws or The Shallows, instead it's Jason Statham taking on a 70-foot prehistoric shark that can take down a T-Rex.

Skeptical? Check out this guide for yourself. But don't say we didn't warn you.