New Info Determines Why Men Like To Catfish Online By Pretending To Be Women

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Even if you've got the world's biggest ego, there's a really good chance that you've been a victim of catfishing—which is officially described as the act of "luring (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona."

While it's a harmless crime, for the most part, it's mean, toys with other peoples' emotions and can go way too deep, often leading to heartache for at least one person. And because most of the abusers are men who pretend to be women—with the intent to give false hope for another male victim—there's actually a reason why men are choosing women to portray, per Unilad, according to a Reddit forum that begged the question: "[Serious] Guys who pretend to be female online, why do you do it?"

The answers are actually pretty honest, and kind of sad.

  • "About a decade ago I was on a dating site without much luck and getting very few replies to messages, so I thought the best way to get tips on what not to do was sign up a fake profile as a woman and see what kind of messages were sent and just not do anything that appeared more than once."

  • "This reminds me of my short lived experience on PlayStation home. I made an attractive skinny blonde female avatar and I could not for the life of me stop dudes from following me around. So this led me to playing around by pretending I was interested in people and getting them to follow me into unpopulated areas. Once we were alone together, I would politely ask the guy if he would wait a moment and I would be right back. This was never a problem for them. I would then quickly log my other character in - an old, bald, overweight man that looks like he escaped prison who would then replace the previous female avatar. I'd then tell them I'm ready to be spanked or something stupid and follow them around while they immediately ran in terror."

  • "My friend has been playing WoW for years. He only plays girl characters and finds guys to pay for his subscription and expansions. He's a genius."

  • "Back in the day when I still played online poker I used to pose as a girl because male players often wouldn't take them as seriously - especially if you played tight-aggressive. Anything helps to get an edge, you know. The change in the players' general behavior was very noticeable. A lot of flirting all of a sudden. Of course not from the majority, but still - it gave me a glimpse into how aggravating things can be for women sometimes."

  • "I pretend to be female online when I publish light romance. In the United States, when I first started writing romance, I got an unpleasant amount of attention as a male author in the genre and found it a lot safer for me to write under a female pen name. Then people read and enjoy the stories, but don't creep and stalk."

So, for the most part, guys do it to either mess with other men for pure enjoyment, get some advice or, more prominently, to get something for free. However, some men actually found sympathy with women who put themselves out there online, discovering the abuse to be ridiculously inappropriate.

  • "I thought I knew from what some girls have said... but until I experienced it myself, I was very wrong."

  • "I pretended to be a girl in a chat room once. I couldn't believe how aggressive the guys were. I only did it for 10 minutes before I had to get out. I had no idea."

  • "I made a fake account on a dating site, just to see what girls actually have to deal with. I deleted it after I saw over 40 messages and far too many dick pictures."

Bottom line is this: People can be mean, especially online, so it's best to try and avoid getting in too deep and/or developing any true feelings unless you've met the person face-to-face. If she/he doesn't want to do that, you might want to take it as a red flag.

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