New Leak Reveals First Details About The Nokia 3310 Relaunch

Image via YouTube

A few weeks ago, the Internet freaked out over the news that Nokia would be bringing back its most famous and indestructible cell phone ever, the Nokia 3310, which is debuting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26th.

While early reports said the phone would retail for $62, no one was sure what the specs will be, what countries would sell it and if it would resemble the phone most of us had back in the day.

Until now.

According to BGR, which references a report from GizmoChina, sources say that the relaunched Nokia 3310 will be a little bit different than what we all remember it as nearly 20 years ago.

Here's what GizmoChina had to pinpoint as the details, per their source, Chinese tech blog Vtech:

  • It Will Remain A Feature Phone: Even before HMD thought to re-release the Nokia 3310, there have been multiple renders of a new Nokia 3310 phone running android. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but this legend will remain a feature phone.

  • Same Design Language: The design of the phone will not look much different from back when it was released in year 2000. The only changes will be in the weight and thickness. That should not come as a surprise as phone components have shrunk in size allowing for slimmer and lighter phones to be made.

  • Larger Color Display: The original Nokia 3310 was released with a 84 x 84 monochromatic display but that will be upgraded to a larger color one. This new display will likely not be a high resolution type, so battery life should still be pretty strong.

  • Colorful Variants: Grey/black, blue and ash were the default colors of the Nokia 3310. However you could swap them for a variety of colorful cases made by third party manufacturers. This time the phone will be launched in multiple color variants including red, green, and yellow.

While the relaunch won't be exactly the same as we remember, the updated Nokia 3310 won't be too different, and, in fact, might even be better thanks to its slimmer design. Either way, we're excited to see the reaction once it's available to buy.


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