Pelicans Fan Sneaks On To The Court And Warms Up With The Team Before Hilariously Being Escorted Off (Video)

Image Via Twitter

Another day, another courageous sports fan causing a ruckus during a game! We'd love to sit here and say that it's not OK for these hooligans to distract fans from the main event they paid good money to see, but, hey! This took place during the warmup of a New Orleans Pelicans game, so, it's all good, right? Right! We have a feeling that once you take a look at the footage, you'll feel compelled to agree. Come on, it's clear that a lot of thought went in to the prank. The man even managed to dress in the same exact Pelicans warmup gear! Now that's dedication.

The fake Pelicans player, now identified as comedian, Tony Roberts, is seen below going through all the standard motions of any pre-game NBA ball player. He appears to have his head in the game as he stretches and hilariously enough, manages to shoot a basket.

Our number one question? Who the heck threw him the ball? Whoever it was must have been so fooled by the display that he didn't for a second think Tony was an impersonator. Judging by the laughs coming from the audience, it was clear he wasn't exactly fooling everyone.

Speaking of, can we just take a minute to bless that poor police officer forced to ruin the fun? He looked like he was going to blow a gasket — we've never seen someone's face get so red, so fast! Well, that's the price you pay working the high stakes world of NBA security.

Lead Image Via Twitter/dimeuproxxx

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