Pot Relieves Pain In Men Better Than Women, So That's One Way To Deal With Hangovers

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According to a new study conducted by researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute & Department of Psychiatry and the Columbia University Medical Center, marijuana does a better job relieving pain in men than it does in women, meaning, hell yeah, what better way to get rid of those nagging injuries?

While the sample size of the study was small, just 42 people who regularly smoke pot, the results were telling, as participants smoked the same amount of cannabis and then put one hand in cold-water bath until the pain was too much.

Here's what the press release of the study read:

After smoking active cannabis, men reported a significant decrease in pain sensitivity and an increase in pain tolerance. Women did not experience a significant decrease in pain sensitivity, although they reported a small increase in pain tolerance shortly after smoking.

Despite differences in pain relief, men and women did not report differences in how intoxicated they felt or how much they liked the effect of the active cannabis.

The authors noted that additional studies in both men and women are needed to understand the factors that impact the analgesic effects of cannabinoids, the active chemicals in cannabis products, including strength, mode of delivery (smoked versus oral), frequency of use and type of pain measured.

“This study underscores the importance of including both men and women in clinical trials aimed at understanding the potential therapeutic and negative effects of cannabis, particularly as more people use cannabinoid products for recreational or medical purposes,” said Dr. Cooper.

While this might not be groundbreaking news to some, it does help support the theory that marijuana can, and should, be used to help treat pain. Maybe this is something Roger Goodell and the National Football League should read to help with concussion treatment? Just sayin'...

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