New Study Reveals Exactly Why You Want To Hook Up With The Office Babe

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We've all been there before—glancing over the top of our cubicle and checking out the sexy coworker that sits across from us. And while we've all had an inner dialogue with ourselves about the dirty things we want to do with her, very few times do we actually make that happen.

And, according to a new study from researchers at Hamilton College, there's a reason why we're so turned on by the thought of hooking up with a colleague—simply because we spend so much time side-by-side every day.

Per Inside Hook:

The study evaluated 22 single candidates, asking each to rank the attractiveness of 112 faces and rate them 1-9. Pictures were shown on a loop, and faces that appeared multiple times tended to receive ratings bumps each time they cropped up. Faces that were shown at least four times received the highest rating, and continued on their upward trajectory with every appearance thereafter.

"Much to their surprise, people often find themselves drawn to individuals after multiple encounters, even when there was no initial attraction.” Psychologist Dr Ravi Thiruchselvam told the Daily Mail. “Cupid's arrow is often slow to strike. An important part of the phenomenon may be attributable to the gradual change in attractiveness from repetition."

Wait, really? That's it? I'm actually a little disappointed. I mean, I spend a bunch of time with my computer and I don't want to... well, let's not go there.

For you psychology people, this actually has a name—the mere exposure effect—which is when you develop a preference for something because you're familiar with it. So, yeah, this would make sense when you're working after-hours with the bangin' hot Account Director whose been wearing a pencil skirt for the past three months.

The bad news is that it'll only get worse as you get more comfortable with her and, more than likely, you'll never do anything about it. But go ahead and keep hoping!

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