If You Live In These Cities, You're Probably 'Packing Heat' Below The Belt (If You Catch Our Drift)

Image via YouTube

We get it, guys, every man out there has a weird complex with themselves that often compares how well their "junk" stacks up against other dudes' out there. Of course, that doesn't mean men are dropping their drawers and literally measuring themselves against one another, but, internally, men wrestle with the issue quite frequently, wondering if their penis is "good enough" to please their woman.

It's a totally normal thought, too, since, you know, the penis is the one thing that's required during intercourse to satisfy a lady. And, while no guy should ever allow that fear to become a total insecurity, thanks to some new research, we have some info on where those well endowed guys might be living at—so kudos if you call these U.S. cities home.

According to new research from goPuff—which is a convenience store delivery service—these are the cities where the most Magnum-sized condoms are being sold, compared to standard-sized condoms ordered so far in 2017.

So, if you live in Columbus, props to you, because, unless you're completely lying to yourself and being unsafe by using an oversized condom, you're packing some heat below the belt.

Unfortunately, the data didn't reveal what time men are ordering these condoms, making us wonder if they're just stocking up and keeping them in a dresser somewhere and not getting any action, or if they're buying them late-night for an unexpected booty call? We can only hope it's the latter, but, hey, that's a study for a different day.

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