The Top Excuses Cheating Men Use When Busted For Sneaking Out Are So Incredibly Piss-Poor

Image via YouTube

We've all been there before, guys, with the proverbial tail between our legs and caught in a lie after doing something we know we shouldn't have been doing. And while we can give you advice on how to dig yourself out of a lie, in the moment, it's up to you to think on your toes and come up with something on the spot—especially if you've been doing some hanky panky on the side. (Note: Never cool).

According to research from Mirror, we now know what guys' go-to excuses are when their ladies ask them what they've been up to—and they're pretty pathetic.

Researchers talked to 2,000 men to see what their top excuses were, and these are what those guys came up with? I'm actually pretty disappointed in my fellow males after this one. I mean, how did nobody think of "I was checking out an adoption house to see if I could find the perfect puppy you always wanted?" Yeah, that's going to start being mine from now on.

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