A New Bedroom Toy Actually Tracks Your Performance Like A Damn Fitness App Does

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Not long ago, we told you about how new tech is taking over the world and blowing our minds. From super smart people like Tesla's Elon Musk to the strange ways that new tech can help someone recover from a bad break-up, there are so many crazy things being invented out there these days that it's hard to decide which to buy.

Sure, we've given you the best tech gifts for this holiday season, but there's one piece of new tech that might just singlehandedly change the way you perform in the bedroom. That's because, literally, it tracks your sexual performance much like a Fitbit would track your activity. Guys, meet the i.Con Smart Condom, the world's first smart condom ring.

Now, we get it, there's already so much anxiety when it comes to sex that, who in their right mind, would want to actually see actual stats on they perform between the sheets, right? Well, count us among those who think that the i.Con Smart Condom is one piece of new tech that we'd absolutely purchase, instantly becoming one of the most innovative sex toys for men that should be on bedside tables everywhere.

According to the website BritishCondoms, which sells the i.Con Smart Condom, here's the short description of the new tech.

Have you ever wondered how many calories you’re burning during intercourse? How many thrusts? Speed of your thrusts? The duration of your sessions? Frequency? How many different positions you use in the period of a week, month or year? Ever wondered how you stack up to other people from around the world?

Not only does it track your every move, but the i.Con Smart Condom is also rechargeable, offering six to eight hours worth of battery life per charge — for those who can last like a freakin' animal! All the tracked data then gets sent to your smartphone for you, your lover or anyone else to analyze your overall performance, with things like the number and velocity of thrusts, duration, number of positions used and, of course, the amount of calories burnt during sex.

Per *LADbible, here's what Adam Leverson, the lead engineer on the i.Con Smart Condom project, had to say:

"Not only have we innovated the world's first smart condom ring - that'll measure pretty much every aspect of performance in the bedroom - but now I'm pleased to confirm that it will also have built-in indicators to alert the users to any potential STIs present."

Retailing for $80.99, in this new tech condom something that you would welcome into the bedroom, guys? Remember, there was a condom called the Galactic Cap that we wrote about in 2016, which promised "boosted sensation" for men in the sack. That's something that might be a bad thing for all those guys who, uh, have a problem with that whole premature ejaculation thing.

While the piece of new tech is more of a cock-ring than an actual condom — since it's actually meant to slip over your "man unit" — calling it a condom helps market it better, we'd imagine. So, as we mentioned earlier, it's one of the most innovative sex toys for men around. You can check out more details and purchase your own i.Con Smart Condom over at BritishCondoms.


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