Meet FENIX, The Exclusive Brand That's Matching Nutritional Experts With The Fit Community

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Work hard. Play hard. Eat smart: That's the FENIX motto. While there's tons of new tech out there that hopes to change the way people track performance, communicate or, in general, just get through the day, a recently released nutritional app called FENIX is here to help choosing what they put into their bodies an easier — and healthier — process.

As an invite-only app and private wellness community, this new tech matches members with dedicated nutrition consultants for personalized tips, motivation and accountability, with the goal to make daily access to a nutritionist/dietitian more approachable and affordable for health-conscious consumers.


Think this is just some gimmicky new diet that won't last? C'mon, it's way more than some infomercial starring former pro athletes who eat minimal meals to stay slim. FENIX is the anti diet, and isn't about weight loss, calorie counting or fad other trends people use to shed pounds. It's about understanding the relationship with food, and learning how to make smarter decisions with more confidence.

We talked with the two guys who founded FENIX, Kyle Cooke and Bar Malik, to get the lowdown on how it works, what to expect and why this piece of new tech-enabled-consulting is so important. With a subscription-based service that's less than $3.99 per day for a certified and experienced dietitian/nutritionist, Kyle and Bar know that working hard, playing hard and eating smart is more than just a mantra, it's a way of life.


FHM: What Made You Guys Come Up With The Idea And Why Do You Think It's So Important?

FENIX: "It’s nutrition. It’s the foundation of our genetic make-up and what we do physiologically. We felt like there was a huge disconnect about the role nutrition plays in feeling better amongst our younger, like-minded gym/studio fitness goers and weekend warriors who are already committed to maintaining an active and balanced lifestyle. Chances are 1 out of 3 Americans will tell you they’re on a diet, but the word diet in and of itself is misunderstood. FENIX offers the nutritional equivalent of an exclusive, high-end fitness experience, all while giving daily access to your very own dietitian/nutritionist."

FHM: Do You Think This Is Sort Of The Next Wave In Health And Fitness, Considering How Busy People Are These Days?

FENIX: "Yeah, we do believe it is, because FENIX isn’t a temporary health coach that you use when you need to diet and lose weight, but a lifestyle brand that allows anyone to continuously unlock and achieve heightened wellness goals that aren’t possible without personalized nutrition. Our goal is to make daily access to dietitians/nutritionists more approachable and affordable for the busy, high-performing professional. It's not about calorie counting, weighing your food, meal prepping, following a generic plan, or sticking to a strict diet. This is about better understanding your relationship with food, and learning how to make smarter decisions before eating."

FHM: Tell Us, How Does FENIX Work?

FENIX: "It's sort of a six-part process, which can be seen below."

FHM: So Users Are Given The Best Tips On What To Eat From The Nutritional Consultants?

FENIX: "Yep, we match members with a dedicated nutrition consultant for personalized tips, motivation and accountability."


FHM: Can Users Customize Their Own Experience And Choose The Foods They Want, Or No?

FENIX: "The entire experience is customizable and personalized. And since FENIX is invite only, we can curate the crowd and monitor how many new members we're accepting. Once you're in, the app streamlines daily communications, making it super easy to share your 'food diary' with your personal consultant. Your consultant isn't telling you what to eat in real-time or on demand, but rather engaging with what you just shared, like a virtual log. More often than not, the picture alone is enough to gauge the macros on your plate, no comments or ingredient lists needed."

FHM: Who Are Some Of The Nutritional Consultants Available To Work With? Why Are They Better Than The Old Google Machine To Find The Right Food?

FENIX: "Most of our consultants run their own private practices and charge two-to-five-times our monthly rate. By leveraging technology, we can offer the same individuals to members on a daily basis for a fraction of the price. They really are the best of the best. They all have advanced degrees, have contributed to highly-respected wellness platforms, and the specializations range from sports performance, disordered eating, to autoimmune disorders."

FHM: What's Been The Response Of Investors And Potential Users? We'd Imagine There's A Lot Of Excitement.

FENIX: "We've only pitched a handful of investors… That’s because we've been heads down, focused on the member experience. Now that we're concentrating on growing our membership base, we're looking to raise a small seed round. We have some meetings set up in the very near future. The excitement and interest is there for sure!"

FHM: Lastly, When Can We Expect FENIX To Be Available To Use?

FENIX: "It’s ready to download and be used! You can do so at joinfenix.com and can follow on Instagram at @joinfenix."


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