The Wild, Weird And Kick-Ass Future Of Gaming (What We Learned From CES, 2018)

For you techies out there, CES 2018 turned 50 last year, but don’t issue it an AARP card just yet. As cutting-edge and relevant a watchword of things to come for the high-tech universe as ever, it’s still the place to hit if you’re looking to get a sneak peek at what’s next for emerging tech. And if you're a gamer, there's almost nowhere better than CES.

Sure, industry-specific conferences, like the once-decadent E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo (a veritable three-ring circus for video game fans) and the massive Tokyo Game Show, which regularly brings in hundreds of thousands of attendees, can’t be missed. But as the elder statesman of the industry — and a long-standing annual favorite that shuts down the Vegas strip every January, bringing over 170,000 electronic enthusiasts to Sin City — CES 2018 still had much to say about where video games are headed going forward.

Case in point: In the coming months, you can expect the future of gaming to go far beyond what your parents experienced back in their wood-paneled living room. Just a few innovations you can expect to see shortly including the rise of high-end augmented reality games (which superimpose computer-generated characters and scenes over real-world images); turbo-charged virtual reality (VR) headsets for portable use; super high-resolution 4K and 8K TV screens capable of kicking out graphics so lifelike that action scenes will give you PTSD; and skin suits you can use to turn your body into a joystick. Still not impressed? Well, let’s just say the return of the legendary Game Boy and rise of 3D mobile games so powerful they’ll think you’re packing a supercomputer in your pocket are nothing to scoff at either.

As CES 2018 wrapped, it was startling to note on the gaming front how many products simply wouldn’t have been possible even 12 months ago. In short, all this new tech can only mean that the future of gaming will get even better within the next year and beyond. That's why we asked world-renowned trends expert and futurist Scott Steinberg, author of Make Change Work for You and founder of SELECT magazine, to take a closer look at just a few of the hottest new innovations in the field that'll be heading your way shortly.

Lead image via KickStarter/e-skin.

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