Check Out How Crappy Touch Screen Technology Was Back In The '90s (And Be Happy We've Made Progress)

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There's a lot of new tech out there that gets us geeked — and some that, naturally, kind of freaks us out! However, with so much innovation coming into this crazy world of ours, it's hard not to be excited about what's next, right? While we're not sure we'll ever live in a Jetsons-like atmosphere, it doesn't stop really, really smart people from at least trying to get us there.

Over the years, new tech has given us things like facial recognition on Apple iPhones, online dating apps that require people to text rather than talk, and a boatload of other cool things that people just 30 years ago couldn't have even imagined! One of those cool things also happens to be touch screen technology, which, when it was first released in the '90s, wasn't quite as advanced as it is these days, where, seemingly, everything utilizes the feature.

To see just how far touch screen technology has come in the past 20 years or so, just take a look at this old school video from the YouTube channel LGR, which shows one of the first computers with a touch screen. We must say, it's pretty hilarious.

According to the description from YouTube, the computer was released in 199, cost $1,695 and was used by universities, businesses and even the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. In essence, it was a pretty high tech machine back then. These days? Hell, we're carrying around mini computers like this in our pockets, otherwise known as cell phones, which pretty much have touch screen technology come standard.

We know that this computer was first released about 27 years ago, but it's so interesting to see how much progress we've made since then on something like a touch screen. We're not saying that we're smart enough to have improves it, but seeing as how the original computer could barely keep up with a user going at a normal speed, we've come leaps and bounds since then. And just think, in another 27 years, somehow, people will probably improve this type of new tech even more.

Lead image via YouTube.

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