New Year’s Resolutions To Make Yourself A Better Man

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It all seems to start on Facebook, as people post their New Year’s resolutions leading up to the end of the year, proclaiming that next year will be different. Don't post your resolution on social media. In fact, that should be your first resolution.

'Tis the season where you promise 2018 will be the year you lose weight, save money and look for a new job. Maybe I’m generalizing. Perhaps, these may be the goals you're striving for next year:

However you want to better yourself next year, resolutions like these are very doable—just don't think that you'll end next year looking like John Cena. And you probably won’t be able to retire at age 40 with any additional money you put aside each paycheck.

But, what you can do, is take a step back, use that head of yours and develop some practices to showcase you as a stand-up guy and trusted leader, even if you’re an entry-level grunt.

These are the three resolutions you can actually keep—and will make you a much better man.

1. Get Started With Gratitude

It’s simple; buy a pack of thank you cards and aim to write one a month. Even if you’re not a wizard with words, a thank you card can still set you apart. People e-mail and text ‘thanks’ all time, but step your game up with a handwritten message instead.

2. Give Someone Your Time

We’re all busy, so again, start small. Set a goal of two hours a month to do something that you don’t get paid to do. You can volunteer at a shelter or hospital (which should go over nice with the ladies). But, if mingling isn’t your thing, provide another type of service like reviewing papers, helping a startup with SEO or, wait for a minute, guest blogging!

3. Be Responsive

Right now, there are probably messages on Facebook and texts in your phone over a week old that you haven’t gotten around to replying to. Here's a resolution that costs nothing. Try to respond to family, friends and colleagues within 48 hours. With the amount of time we spend staring at our phones, two days is plenty of time to communicate wit the important people in your life.

Did you notice a theme? All of the above entail serving others. You can still get your workouts in and pump up your LinkedIn account, but it's your character that will leave people remembering you the most—not your resume or how much money you have.

Josh Womack is the head writer of Laugh Staff. He writes hilarious speeches.