18 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up How Ridiculous New Year's Eve Is

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As mentioned earlier today, New Year's Eve is amateur night, guys. Long lines, overpriced drinks, false promises of being a better person in the new year — it's all crap. That being said, it's never going to stop being celebrated. Why? Because people enjoy excuses to drink excessively, it's that simple. Fortunately, we were able to find a few folks on Twitter who share in our NYE woes.

Below you'll find the 18 most hilarious, witty, and downright absurd tweets we could find about New Year's Eve. They aren't all from this year, but, hey! Does it really matter? It's not like anything actually changes, no matter how much time has passed. Remember that, y'all.

To have some more fun browsing Twitter, head over to the #NewYearsEve hashtag, you won't be disappointed.

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