News Anchors Losing Their Sh*t And Laughing Uncontrollably Makes Live TV Fun Again

Image via YouTube

If there's one thing we've told you a million times before, it's that live TV can bring out the most raw, uncontrollable, random things in people—even those people who are trained to be on camera and present the news.

As we've seen time and time again, once people see or hear something that gets them laughing a little bit, it's like a freakin' snowball picking up steam as it rolls down hill, producing more and more laughs and hysterical moments.

And to further prove that notion, here's a compilation of news anchors absolutely losing their shit while the camera's are rolling, unable to keep things together for one reason or another.

While the news may usually be boring to watch, imagine how entertaining it'd be if anchors were forced to deliver it laughing like this? I mean, can't we at least experiment with giving these people laughing gas or something to ease the pain of a robbery that just happened at the local drug store?

I'm all for it—especially after wiping away tears of laughter from seeing these hilarious live TV bloopers.

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