These Funny News Bloopers Prove That Live TV Will Never Stop Being F'd Up

How many times have we told you how much we love live TV? Honestly, if there's one thing you've probably heard us say the most, it's that the unscripted, unfiltered, overly dramatic and really awkward times when the cameras are rolling without editing is the ideal time to watch TV.

And, because it's always funny seeing people make complete asses out of themselves, here's one of the latest live TV blooper videos we always enjoy giving you—and this reel comes from the month of January, meaning that, yep, these all happened in just the past 30-plus days!


It's hard to believe that, with all of the technological advances we have nowadays, and all of the crazy contraptions and gadgets and gizmos available, we still have crazy fails like this happening every single day.

Again, that's what makes live TV the best, though, because there's no telling what people will say or do once they realize they're on camera and their emotions just take over.

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