NFL Color Rush Helmets Have Been Revealed And They're As Bright As A Box Of Crayons

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With the NFL season basically underway thanks to the preseason kicking off last week, football fans around the globe are anxious to see some of the hard-hitting action on the gridiron that we've loved forever — but only because we're not the ones on the receiving end of a vicious helmet-to-helmet collision.

And, although we can never get enough hits, another thing we're really into each season are the uniforms, with players not only wearing custom shoes on the reg these days — and, more than likely, getting fined for doing it — but also the jerseys that the league rolls out every single year. More so, we're all about the Color Rush unis that every single team wears during the season.

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Well, since we know you're curious, the league has revealed the helmets for those games and, holy shit, are they bright AF, resembling a box of Crayola Crayons and making it easy for fans to see where players are at all times on the field.

Here's a quick breakdown (by division) of the new NFL Color Rush helmets for each team.


AFC East

AFC North

AFC South

AFC West


NFC East

NFC North

NFC South

NFC West

So, not when will the teams be wearing these helmets? Glad you asked, because this is the schedule each squad will take part in their Color Rush game, wearing those, uh, loud uniforms:

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OK, so some of the uniforms may be a bit much — like the all-red version that the Buffalo Bills have worn the past few seasons — but, hey, the helmets are absolute fire!

With some teams having more than just one option, you can head on over to 24/7 Sports to see the other versions.

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