What's The NFL Combine Really Like? New York Giants All-Pro Safety Landon Collins Tells Us

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Although the Super Bowl may have ended the NFL season, the NFL Combine is going on this week, proving that, once again, football really is a year-round sport nowadays. As NFL hopefuls gather in Indianapolis to go through performance tests and put together their best interviewing skills, we had a chance to talk to a guy who has been there, done that — and has far exceeded expectations; New York Giants All-Pro safety Landon Collins.

Participating in the NFL Combine back in 2015 after playing collegiately for the Alabama Crimson Tide, Landon Collins showed NFL teams glimpses of some of his athleticism and dominance. However, after being projected by many mock drafts to be a high first-round pick, Collins didn't hear his name called till the New York Giants chose him with the 33rd overall pick. Did the slide derail him? Hell no! In fact, he's flourished since joining the league, getting the chance to prove people wrong.


Whether it was due to his performance at the NFL Combine or strictly because of team needs, Landon Collins knew that he could become the player he is now no matter what. I guess that's why he's been a two-time Pro Bowl selection and a one-time First Team All-Pro, because he wasn't going to let a little adversity drag him down before he even stepped foot onto an NFL field.

With all the hoopla surrounding the NFL Combine and the results, we had to ask Collins his thoughts on the whole thing. Is it really that important? Was there one thin more difficult than another thing? Would he prefer to be a high pick or a diamond in the rough? And, lastly, who would he take first overall in this year's draft? Those are among the things the New York Giants star told us, so keep reading to hear his entire thoughts.

FHM: OK, So The NFL Combine's This Week, What's One Piece Of Advice You'd Give Prospects?

Landon Collins: "One piece of advice I’ll give prospects for the week is to get a lot of rest on your down time and hydrate."

FHM: Do You Think There's Too Much Emphasis On The Combine Results, Like The 40-Yard Dash?

Landon Collins: "Oh, yeah, there’s way too much hype in the NFL Combine. What got us noticed in the first place is how we play and what we put on film."

FHM: What Was The Most Difficult Thing You Had To Deal With At The NFL Combine?

Landon Collins: "The most difficult thing I did, or had to deal with, was managing the meetings. Being a junior and coming out when I did, everyone wanted to meet with me."

FHM: We Know There Are Some Wild Questions That Teams Ask, Did You Guys Get Any That Made You Think 'WTF?'

Landon Collins: "Yeah, I was asked when the last time I smoked weed was...I was like, 'huh?' It was the craziest thing because I haven’t smoked a day in my life, so I don’t know why they even assumed that."

FHM: Any Regrets With How You Performed At The NFL Combine?

Landon Collins: "Nah, man, I have no regrets on how I performed."

FHM: After Being In The NFL Now, Think You Could Improve On Your Combine Results?

Landon Collins: "Honestly, after being in the NFL, the combine doesn’t matter at all... it’s all about heart or determination."

FHM: You Were Taken Early In The Second-Round, But Have Played Like A Top-5 Pick, Was That Motivation For You?

Landon Collins: "My motivation is to prove to every owner and head coach and GM that overlooked me in the draft that y’all passed me up and y’all are going to realize it after you see me play."

FHM: Without Giving Names, Any Stories Of Guys Who May Have Done Dumb Stuff During The NFL Combine, Like Staying Out Late?

Landon Collins: (laughs) "Man, no comment on what guys did during or before the Combine!"

FHM: If You Had The First Overall Pick This Year, Who Would You Draft?

Landon Collins: "My first overall pick would be running back Saquon Barkley from Penn State."

FHM: Lastly, Rapid Fire, Ready? Toughest Combine Drill? Most Meaningless Combine Drill? Would You Rather: Have Been The Top Pick Or A Tom Brady-Like, Diamond In The Rough?

Landon Collins: "60-yard shuttle. (laughs) Also the 60-yard shuttle. I'd rather be like Tom Brady, honestly, because I get to prove myself to everyone else."

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