NFL Defender Brandon Marshall Has A Really F'ed Up Finger (From A Play That Happened In 2015)

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We're not sure what the obsession is with wild sports injuries — although we have dived into the topic before — but people just can't seem to get enough of them. From gnarly bruises to horrific gashes, among others, when our favorite athletes let fans see the consequences of playing such intense and high impact sports, it can cause some stomach churning.

While the aforementioned sports injuries are all sorts of nasty, it seems as if NFL injuries are the ones that tend to be the worst. Unsurprisingly, players from that specific league are constantly getting enduring bone-crushing hits, strange sprains or dislocations from even the most simple of plays. And one that Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall sustained from the 2015 NFL season is still stuck with him — and he shared what it still looks like thanks to an Instagram post.


While playing against the Kansas City Chiefs in a game early on in the 2015 NFL season, Brandon Marshall, Broncos linebacker, popped the football out of the hands of the ballcarrier; Chiefs running back at the time, Jamaal Charles. While the play was huge and led to a defensive touchdown, Marshall certainly paid the price for it. That's because, three years later, his finger is still as crooked as a friggin' banana. Just look at the Instagram post showing how gross it looks.

Yeah, never let anyone tell you that NFL injuries aren't as serious as they first look, because Brandon Marshall has a hooked finger that won't ever be the same. However, the play was one that the linebacker will never forget — but not because his finger is a constant reminder of that. In the above post, the Broncos defender captioned it by saying this:

"One of the best plays of my career, (game winning), yet one of the worst incidents of my life. This is the play that will forever have my finger crooked lol @roby with the scoop and score #swipe"

So, while neither you nor I could ever manage something this painful, Brandon Marshall of the Broncos is looking at the play as one of the best in his NFL career. It's kind of twisted, sure, but that's the life of a pro athlete, I suppose?!?

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