From The QB Who Talks The Most Sh*t, To The Most Overrated, NFL Players Tell All

With the NFL season in full swing now — seriously, how in the hell is it already Week 7? — The Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN, wanted to give football fans some insider info about some of their favorite gridiron stars. So, in a pretty cool survey, they asked current NFL players some questions about the most prominent position in the game; quarterback!

From wondering which signal-caller talks the most sh-t, the one they'd like to sack the most, which one is most overrated, who they'd least like as a teammate and, of course, trying to predict which quarterback will win the most Super Bowls in the next decade, guys spoke their minds and didn't hold back.

Unsurprisingly, New England Patriots quarterback, and five-time Super Bowl champ, Tom Brady shows up a lot on the NFL survey, so take a peek below to see some of the results and see why this is some NFL news that we're definitely interested in.

To see the full details from the ESPN survey, head on over to their website for more.