With The Amount Of Food It Takes To Feed An NFL Team For A Week You Could Feed A Small Country...For A Year

When most people think about the NFL, they think about big money, hot WAGS and irrefutable athletic talent. We're all aware that it's not easy, but folks tend to forget just how hard it is to be a professional athlete. From strict NFL diets to demanding health and fitness routines, there's nothing fun about it!

On top of the rigorous activity, can you imagine all the sh-t that goes into providing for an entire NFL team? The trainers, the doctors, the lawyers, the nutritionists, the chefs, the hookers — it's overwhelming. Of course, we were completely kidding about that last bit, our apologies.


Back to the chefs and nutritionists, the people who run the Buffalo Bills camp described what goes into a week of feed the team and holy crap! We're not joking when we say you could quite literally feed an entire nation, albeit a small one. According to ESPN:

" The Bills' cafeteria serves about 250 people per day, which includes players, coaches and staff members. The kitchen staff arrives as early as 4 a.m. to begin preparations for the day and serves food until about 7 o'clock at night. "

250 people a day?! Our mothers complained if we had too many friends over for dinner, ha! Not to mention, it's breakfast, lunch, and dinner! That's a monumental amount of grub, our friends. The actual physical breakdown in numbers is nothing short of mind-boggling.

Weekly Intake Breakdown

We're not sure if that list made us supremely hungry or supremely nauseous. We love grass fed beef and all, but thinking about it in quantities of 500-600 pounds is well, a little upsetting.

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