NFL Player Kyle Long Posts Gnarly Pic Of His Busted Up Ankle And It's Definitely Not Supposed To Be This Swollen And Discolored

Image via Twitter/Ky1eLong

We've seen plenty of gory injuries from pro athletes before, but the one that Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long tweeted out of his swollen and discolored ankle is one that's just downright disgusting.

Long, who suffered the injury during a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a couple of weeks ago, is out for the year, so he figured he'd give fans an insider look at what it's really like to play in the NFL—and it's pretty gnarly.

Set for surgery today, Long made sure everyone pretty much vomited up their Thanksgiving leftovers with this single pic. Still, here's to hoping the repairing of his tendon heals quickly and he's back on the gridiron soon.


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