The Highest-Paid NFL Players Rack In More Dough Than You'll See In This Lifetime (And The One After That)

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I would love to sit here and encourage America's male youth to study hard and stay in school, but if I really had to offer a small piece of advice, it would be this — get really, really good at throwing a ball. Er, I guess I could add catching a ball and tackling other dudes to that repertoire — I believe this skill set is otherwise commonly known as playing football. Specifically, be a Quarterback! Not only do they usually get all the girls (based off observation in High School/College) but nearly half the list below is filled with 'em.

To be clear, I'm not undermining how difficult being a professional athlete is. I mean, hell, I've seen Ballers. I'm just sayin', the amount of money these guys make is INSANE. No more or less insane than Kardashian money, but still. Go ahead and take a look for yourself! And again, if you've got sons...let's just say you can fire their piano teacher and Latin tutor.

10. Melvin Ingram — $22,750,000

9. Stephon Gilmore — $22,968,750

8. Cam Newton — $23,666,666

7. Kirk Cousins — $23,943,600

t5. Josh Norman — $24,000,000

t5. DeAndre Hopkins — $24,000,000

4. Derek Carr — $25,175,000

3. Kawann Short — $26,000,000

2. Andrew Luck — $27,000,000

1. Matthew Stafford — $51,000,000


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