The Jacksonville Jaguars' New Uniforms May Have Leaked And That Awful Helmet Is Finally Gone

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There are a lot of NFL uniforms out there — like those NFL Color Rush ones from last season that make teams look like a box of crayons. And, when it's the offseason, a lot of teams sit back and think about fresh new ways in which they can change up their uniforms, hoping that they bring a vibrant new beginning that lead to jersey sales from fans.

One of those teams who have already announced that their NFL uniforms are going to be different for the 2018 season are the Jacksonville Jaguars. After reaching the 2017 AFC Championship Game and just falling short, the team clearly exceeded expectations and are a franchise (potentially) on the rise, so a new uniform design seems logical — create a new identity.


So it wasn't completely shocking when the Jags formally announced such a move in a recent statement.

The Jaguars also confirmed today that the team will wear new uniforms and helmets for the upcoming 2018 season. The final design will be unveiled later this spring. As an added benefit, current US Assure Club and Suites season ticket holders and Fields Auto Group Terrace Suite season ticket holders will receive an authentic 2018 personalized Jaguars jersey when they renew their seats for next fall.

Well, while the Jacksonville Jaguars have made the decision to unveil new NFL uniforms before the season starts, they have yet to give any hints at what they might look like. After all, when a team usually makes a switch like this, it often comes with a blown out event with a bunch of media. Unfortunately, NFL fans may have already seen what the new threads look like, though, as an apparent leak of them hit the Internet and is making the rounds.

Now, of course, we have no way of knowing if these are the real uniforms or just a fan created version, but we should know soon enough. Remember, when the NFL uniforms switched over to Nike a few years ago, those designs were leaked and matched with the (somewhat) conservative options that NFL teams were, and are, wearing.

The Jags uniform that leaked isn't a total overhaul, but there is one glaring change — the helmet. Even if these aren't the actual uniforms, let's all hope that the Jags will say goodbye to the multi-toned helmets that they've worn for the past few seasons. It was a bold look that failed, so it's time to retire it. Yes, the Internet agrees.

With the offseason in full swing and fans always itching for as much football as possible, we expect more NFL uniforms to be either rumored or leaked over the next few months. After all, fans get bored, so one way to pass time is to create homemade uniform designs — and time will tell if the ones above are truly what the Jacksonville Jaguars will be donning next year.


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