Nicki Minaj Is Seductive As Hell In Knee-High Boots And A Skin-Tight Two-Piece

We all know that musician Nicki Minaj can walk into any room she wants to and instantly command attention—that's going to typically happen when you're the sexiest, curviest and, arguably, boldest when it comes to fashion in the place.

And, because she's awesome, the 34-year-old Nicki posted some new pics today that, once again, showed she can't be held down—especially when it comes to sex appeal.

Minaj, who has had quite the 2017 to this point, was seen flaunting all her curves and a fair amount of skin, too, donning a fire red two-piece with some knee-high boots that would make heads turn from miles away.

It's actually shocking how frequently Nicki Minaj does things like this, because, while her outfits are so far out there, she always seems to pull them off and grab our attention. I mean, Nicki's an absolute dimepiece, so it's not as if any of this is shocking stuff, right?

Anyway, take a look at the pics below and see for yourself why Nicki Minaj just keeps doing her—which is just one of the reasons we crush on her so much.

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