Researches Reveal The Age You Should Stop Clubbing And Man, We're Getting A Little Choked Up

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I don't even like clubs! I much prefer bars, but that's because I'm a female who hates wearing body-con dresses and heels—I always end up stumbling out of the joint like a baby giraffe fresh from the womb. That being said, I just get real sad when I read about aging out of fun activities. There's all sorts of research nowadays to tell you when you're too old for this and that and frankly, I'm sick of it! So what if you're 45 at the club! Live is short! Fireball shots and poor decisions should NEVER have an age limit.

My optimism aside, society just doesn't agree. If you're at a nightclub past a certain age, you will undoubtedly be looked at as a social pariah. Nobody and I mean, nobody, likes the old dude at the club. Women? Eh, that's more forgiving, but still pretty frowned upon. According to The Yorkshire Evening Post

"Researchers took a look into the nation's social lives and revealed over half (46 percent) of us dread nights out, preferring to cosy up in front of the telly, no matter what the weather. And according to the respondents, 37 is the age it becomes tragic to go to nightclubs, with 31 emerging as the age we officially prefer staying in to going out."

31?! That's 6-years for me and I know that seems like a long time, but holy crap! I'm not ready. Granted, most Friday nights I do prefer to stay in and binge watch Netflix with a pizza and maybe my boyfriend if I feel like sharing said pizza, but again, I just love knowing that I COULD go ahead and hit the town. Sigh. Don't grow up, it's a trap!

To read the full study, head here.

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