'Super Mario Odyssey' And 'Metroid Prime 4' Among Nintendo's New Game Announcement

Image Via Paste Magazine

According to Paste Magainze—"Nintendo’s E3 presentation this morning revealed that many new games will be arriving to the Switch and 3DS in the near future." All of a sudden it feels like Christmas morning, doesn't it?

We've been keeping track of all things Nintendo Switch for quite some time now, particularly the fact the fact that it's never in stock with major retailers and thusly people have to spend a boat load of money purchasing it from more private vendors, but let's not focus on the negative! This is happy news!

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I'll just go ahead and list the games for ya'll, that's the only reason you're reading anyway, right? No need to chew your ear off!

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To read a more in-depth synopsis of each game, head HERE