Everything You Need To Know About The Rumored Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy

You know what we miss? Running up to our rooms after school with our Gameboy under one arm and our ignored homework under the other. Wasn't it just the best to play as much Pokémon Red And Blue as you could...before your mom started screaming at you? Sigh those were the days, man.

Sure, a lot of us still have a Gameboy rotting away somewhere in the corner of the bathroom — only to be used for especially long toilet sessions, but it just doesn't have the same magic as it once did. Nowadays we all just sit around on Snapchat watching people look like they're having fun, but really, they're just on Snapchat.


We'd sacrifice quite a bit to get those days of Boyhood wonder back. Er well, maybe not so much the awkward boner stage, but definitely the time to play video games for hours on end! Hell, if Gameboy came out with a new product, we'd be first in line!

As luck would have it, Nintendo's ears must've been ringing, because there's some super exciting rumors afoot. According to Kotaku:

"Ninten-Switch.com reports that the trademark was recently discovered. It’s been tweeted out by a Japanese trademark bot."

The image below shows the tweet. Of course, it's in Japanese so we don't expect all of y'all to be able to read it. Don't worry, we'll fill you in on the details below.


Sources confirm that while there's no specific mention of the Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy, there's reason to speculate its arrival — after all, Nintendo has released a Classic Mini NES and a Classic Mini SNES in the past year alone:

" It covers a variety of “home video game console” programs, as well as “programs for smartphones,” “smartphone cases,” “smartphone covers,” as well as, “key holders,” “necklaces,” and “watches.” Some of the trademarks could be to protect the “Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy” brand or they could simply be to protect the Game Boy brand."

One thing's for sure, Nintendo has a bunch of products in the works! Whether it's the one we're hoping for remains to be seen, but we'll be sure to keep you guys posted.

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