Nintendo May Have Just Hinted At Another Classic Console Release To Come In 2017

Image via Nintendo

2016 may have had its fair share of ups and downs—mostly the latter—but you know who isn't complaining about the year? Nintendo, as the company has seen themselves leap to the front of the conversation when it comes to the must-have gear and gadgets.

Following the company's releases of the NES Classic Edition and the mobile game Super Mario Run, Nintendo has some serious momentum heading into the new year, and, if rumors are true, they may be setting themselves up for another big year in 2017.

That's because, per Digital Trends, Nintendo has, reportedly, taken the first step to bring back another one of their old school classics in 2017, the Super Nintendo, giving fans another all-time favorite gaming console.

Per Go Nintendo, a Twitter bot dedicated to leaking trademark applications, showed that Nintendo did, reportedly, file documents for a new trademark on the SNES controller.

Of course, this could all just be speculation, but, given the fact that Nintendo absolutely killed it with their vintage titles in 2016, why wouldn't they at least tease by taking the necessary process to, maybe, bring back another classic?

Who knows what, if anything, this means. For diehard gamers, though, it has to be a welcome sight that could lead to the SNES release around the holidays again in 2017—as Nintendo is, certainly, focusing their attention on its virtual console Switch leading up to its release in March of the upcoming new year.

Whatever this all means, it has us excited—so, hopefully, Nintendo doesn't let us down.

Digital Trends

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