Here's How To Really Find The SNES Classic (Because Let's Face It, It's Sold Out Everywhere)

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We announced back in June that the Nintendo SNES Classic would be launching in September and launch it did! While gamers everywhere, ourselves included, were thrilled! We had our reservations. Remember what happened with The NES last year?! Nintendo simply didn't produce enough product, making it impossible for consumers to get their hands on one — and if they did, it was at a ridiculous markup well into the hundreds. The console itself was retailed at $60, but very few people were fortunate enough to actually pay that little.

However, we maintained hope considering Nintendo acknowledged their previous failure and vowed to make good on their blunder. As per ExtremeTech:

"According to Nintendo, it has planned to “dramatically increase” production of the SNES Classic Edition to ensure everyone can buy it at retail. Of last year’s mistakes, Fils-Aimé (American President of Nintendo) says the company mistakenly set up its supply chain and manufacturing deals based on the mediocre sales of other retro consoles. If that’s true, Nintendo clearly does not understand the emotional connection many gamers have to NES games."

Well folks, turns out Nintendo done f--ked up all over again! The SNES Classic is sold out everywhere! Seriously, it's the NES and Switch all over again.

We've got a bit of a silver lining for y'all — according to Fortune the following retailers/services are your best chance of getting your hands on the console:

These tools will allow you to check both the current inventory and stock history for the SNES classic. All of the listings above are clickable and will proceed to the proper Nintendo product. The greatest benefit is that they're updated every few minutes so, you don't have to spend hours on end refreshing and checking different forums for what you're looking for.

SNES Classic Games:

Following the success of last year's NES Classic release and the Nintendo Switch — both of which were nearly impossible to scoop up unless you knew a cousin's friend who knew someone with the hook up — Nintendo's current situation is hardly a surprise, we're just a bit disappointed buyers are having to go through the same thing all over again. When will y'all learn, Nintendo?!

Image Via Nintendo


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