The Latest Nintendo Switch Update Is Giving Us Serious Throwback Vibes With GameCube Controller Support

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To all the classic video game junkies out there, this news is likely going to make your day. Hell, make your month! Nintendo Switch GameCube controllers are now a gaming reality and the gamer community is actually freaking out! Even if you didn't have a GameCube of your very own as a kid, it's still easily one of the most recognizable and popular Nintendo consoles of all time (next to the Nintendo 64, of course). Perhaps it was the Barney-purple coloring. Who knows? In any event, we're pretty damn pumped!

In the video below, from GameXplain, you'll see the GameCube adapter at work coupled with a full tutorial on how to do your thang...

As with most good news in 2017, this new function wasn't initially confirmed by Nintendo, but by a fan on Twitter. According to SlashGear:

"This new functionality was discovered first by Master Mewking on Twitter before being confirmed by GameXplain. Since the Switch doesn’t have GameCube controller ports (remember the good old days of proprietary controller connectors?), you’ll need to use some kind of adapter to get it to work. The Wii U adapter, which allows you to connect up to four GameCube controllers, works here, though some are also reporting that third-party USB adapters work as well."

So, what does this mean for the future of the Switch? Well, it's been rumored that there's a possibility of GameCube virtual console games to come. Should that be a reality, this feature would be made all the more badass. Who wants to play GameCube games without that iconic purple controller? Not us, that's for sure!

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