Nintendo Switched Just Dropped 20 New Games And Yep, We Want 'Em All For The Holidays

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If you have yet to get your hands on the infamous Nintendo Switch, there's no better time than the present! While the Switch is notorious for being impossible to buy, we're hopping that with their latest influx of 20 Eshop games, Nintendo will up their console anti. While we can't speak on that just yet, we can attest to the fact that these 20 new games are definitely worth throwing on that grown-up Christmas list of yours.

As mentioned, all of the games being offered are Eshop, which, for those of you not savvy to the video game world, simply means electronic or digital. Speaking simply, you don't walk into the store to purchase — talk about an enticing deal, huh? As if video gaming nerds weren't isolated enough. Fortunately, if still have absolutely no idea what we're talking about Nintendo created a holiday gift guide of their own — perfect for any video game rookie to shop from.

Below you'll find the games released over the past week or so:

December 12

December 14

December 15

December 16

Whether more games will be coming to the Switch before Christmas is unclear, but, we suspect y'all will be able to make due just fine with the 20 above. There's really something for everyone! Happy holidays and of course, more importantly, happy gaming.

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