Nintendo Will Be Launching Old School Arcade Games For Switch, Beginning With 'Mario Bros.'

Image Via Nintendo

Ah, yes, the infamous Nintendo Switch — the console that has remained a thorn in the side of video gamers everywhere since it's original release in March. Don't get me wrong, it's a dope console! But getting your hands on one is some serious blood diamond sh-t. The issue is generally low-supply and high-demand. In turn, of course this leads to inflated cost! Gotta love consumerism, huh? According to Fortune

"Retailer GameStop has confirmed that it will have Nintendo Switch units in stock at stores across the U.S. this week. GameStop didn't say how many units each store would have on hand, but said that it's the first time since the Switch went on sale earlier this year that all of its U.S. outlets will have some stock available. Nintendo's Switch is half-home console and half-mobile gaming device. It allows gamers to play titles with a handheld, screen-equipped unit that can be plugged into a dock for continuing to play on the television. It costs $300."

See what we're saying? Supply and demand at it's freakin' finest. GameStop is committing to informing customers that they'll have the console, but they won't confirm how many. That's surely to cause some shopping-chaos, not? Fortune continued —

"Since its release in March, the Nintendo Switch has sold out each time new stock has been made available at various retail outlets. Indeed, the Switch has been tapped as one of the most popular items this year and one of the most popular early successes in Nintendo's long and storied history."

Well we've got an update on the console that might just change all of this impossible to buy nonsense. According to Kotaku Nintendo will be launching old school, arcade style video games for Switch. One could only assume that the nostalgia will drive crazy sales and thusly, better production of consoles! Here's hoping!!

Nintendo announced the following games:

Mario Bros. will be available on Wednesday, September 27th.

Lead image via Nintendo.

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