Niykee Heaton On Music, "Boring" Partying, Instagram And Why She's Destined For Something Better

Although you probably know the name Niykee Heaton, we're guessing that you don't really know who the 23-year-old musician really is. I mean, sure, she's got more than 2.4 million Instagram followers — which we'll talk more about in a little bit — but she's also got a budding career that has her thinking big! Like, Beyonce big, guys, hoping to become something better than your run-of-the-mill artist.

With talent oozing out of her — Niykee wrote and produced every song on her The Bedroom Tour playlist a couple of years ago — and some serious sex appeal that melts every man's heart, it's safe to say that the journey should be a fun one for the musician. Plus, after talking to her, it's clear that she's focused and determined to get to the top, knowing that this is what she's always wanted to do with her life.

As a guest of the blu e-cigarettes for a Super Bowl party this past weekend, we were able to catch up with Niykee Heaton to talk about a bunch of different things, which, not only gave us a sense of her drive and passion for music, but also showed some of her humor and wit, too! Chatting to us about what she loves about music, what she finds funny about Instagram DMs and why she likes to vape when mellowing out, see why Niykee will become an even bigger crush of yours.

FHM: You Taught Yourself How To Play Guitar On Your Own, What Made You Turn To Music?

Niykee Heaton: "I've been writing poetry and sonnets since I could hold a pencil, and, one day when I was nine, I picked up a guitar and it felt like I had fallen in love. I could finally put my words to music and create a work of art that people would pay attention to."

FHM: And Then, Eventually, Came "The Bedroom Tour Playlist" Mixtape, What Inspired You To Create That?

Niykee Heaton: "I released The Bedroom Tour Playlist after I completed my first U.S. tour. I compiled all the records and unreleased demos I performed in concert. I was extremely proud of this project because I wrote every single word of every song and produced most of them. I wanted to give my fans something that was completely authentic and raw, and to prove to myself that I could do it. So, one day, I can tell my grandchildren that, even though no one really cared about it, I created something real… a genuine work of art! That’s legendary to me, even if no one else thinks so."

FHM: What Is It About Music That's So, Dare We Say, Sensual To You?

Niykee Heaton: "Music is sensual. That’s what’s so magical about it. Real music is almost tangible; it evokes such a physical response. You aren’t just hearing words, or listening to sounds. You feel music, because it resonates with your soul."

FHM: Speaking Of, Your Instagram Is, Uh, Pretty Sexy, Any Wild Fans Who Have Tried Sliding Into Your DMs?

Niykee Heaton: "All day, every day. My DMs have become a wasteland of unwanted genitals. It’s so bad. Occasionally, there will be a few gems from some clever guys (and girls!), but it’s mostly terrible."

FHM: You Also Attended A Super Bowl Party With blu, The E-Cigarette Company: What Was The Best Part About Being There?

Niykee Heaton: "Was really excited to be attending as a special guest of blu’s. It was an awesome evening with really dope performances and I couldn't wait to check out the blu Tasting Room on site."

FHM: We Know You're A Big Vaper, What Made You Start Vaping? And, Naturally, You Figured Why Not Get Hooked Up With A Top Vaping Company Like blu, Huh? What's It About Vaping That's So Satisfying?

Niykee Heaton: "I love that I can bring my blu e-cigarette with me everywhere I go, and use it no matter the setting or atmosphere. And the flavors are amazing."

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Lead image via Instagram/NiykeeHeaton.

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