No Big Deal, Just A Sea Lion Savagely Tearing A Shark To Bits

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We've given you a few different reasons why the sea is a very, very unforgiving and scary place. Sure, in the midst of winter, we're craving a beach day, but not if that means seeing something like a few spectators did while at Newport Beach today—which was a sea lion absolutely destroying a horn shark.

The pictures, which were captured by Captain Ryan Lawler of a whale watching tour in Newport Beach, Ca. called Newport Coastal Adventure, are absolutely terrifying.

Here's what Capt. Lawler said to GrindTV about the stunning encounter:

“We were on a trip and looking for a gray whale that was supposed to be in the area. I saw some splashing which I knew wasn’t a whale or dolphin, but was big enough to catch my attention.

“Getting closer we saw a sea lion violently thrashing around some freshly caught prey. This is not too uncommon but we are always interested in what exactly it might be, as the sea lion’s diet varies widely.

“After I got a picture of predator and prey I realized it was a horn shark that was being eaten. While I have seen sea lions eat thresher sharks, angel sharks, and a variety of skates and rays this was the first horn shark, and a bit of a surprise because of the deeper water we were in (180 feet).

“And also keep in mind the horn shark has two defensive dorsal ‘horns’ to dissuade predators, so this sea lion was being pretty methodical about how it was eating this shark.”

Amazingly, this happened just a few weeks ago, too, occurring in the same general area around Newport Beach.

Some of the spectators on the tour were just hoping to see a whale or two, but got something that may prevent them from ever getting into an ocean again.

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