Gamers Are Getting It On More Than People Who Go To The Gym Every Day

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While most people associate "gamers" with being out of shape, lazy and sitting in a dark room in their parents' basement, research shows that, even if that description is accurate, that hasn't hurt their sex life. In fact, a new study says that gamers are having more sex than those who go to the gym everyday, per NowLoading.

The study, which was conducted by VoucherCodesPro to help determine stereotypes, polled just over 2,300 UK-based women over the age of 18 about their sex lives with a partner they had been dating for at least a year. Here are the results:

So, how did women determine what category their man fell under? The study asked that, too, having the ladies determine what best described their significant other, giving them the following choices: gym goer, hipster, dad, nerdy, chav (a young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behavior and the wearing of designer clothes), trend-setter, rocker or gamer. Here's what those results showed:

So while there were way more guys classified as gym goers and hipsters, the 17 percent of men—roughly 400 of the group of 2,300-plus women polled—said that their guy was a gamer who was getting more sex than any of us would ever imagine.

While this isn't proof that you should quit everything and claim to be a gamer, it's interesting to see how one simple survey could make a gamer the mack daddy of sex.

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