No Joke, The World's Highest-Paid Comedians Make Serious Coin

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We all think that we're funnier than we really are, but when your job is to actually stand up in front of strangers and tell jokes, well, that takes some serious skill. Maybe that's why people like Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer, among others, get paid so damn well for being able to do it.


How much? Now that Forbes just released its rankings of the highest-paid comedians of 2016, here's your answer.

Guys, first off, how in the hell is Kevin Hart making over two times more than Jerry Seinfeld—who has had a longtime stand-up career, in addition to literally sitting back and collecting royalties on his old TV show Seinfield? That's not just crazy, it's actually insane to think about. My goodness, Hart is the king of comedy right now.

As for Amy Schumer, people may have something against her—mainly because she's been successful at being brash and, shocking, herself—but, let's all just give her a round of applause, because coming in No. 4 on this list with earnings of $17 million in 2016 is no small feat. In fact, between the movies she's done like Trainwreck and TV series/specials like Inside Amy Schumer and Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, none of this should really be too shocking.

So while you may be able to tell a few solid knock knock jokes around the water cooler, it's going to take a hell of a lot more to become a millionaire by making people laugh for a living.

H/T Forbes