Nokia's Bringing Back Its Most Famous Cell Phone, The Nokia 3310

Image via YouTube

In a day and age where we all have these slim cell phones that are as mobile-friendly as possible, Nokia has announced some news that goes in the opposite direction—because it's re-releasing its tank of a cell phone, the Nokia 3310.

To refresh your memory, this thing was like impenetrable armor, built to withstand drunken drops to the ground and days without a charger. Just take a look at this video of the Nokia 3310 versus a hammer.


While the plastic was, obviously, going to lose to steel, it didn't completely shatter and turn into confetti like some of the newer, slimmer cell phones.

OK, back to the news about the relaunch.

According to VentureBeat, the Nokia 3310 will officially find its way back into our lives in just a few weeks—February 26th, to be exact—debuting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

With a price tag of just $62, for those looking for a blast from the past, the Nokia 3310 might be your new (old?) best friend.

Details of what the new Nokia 3310 might look like, what the specs will be, and what countries they'll be sold in are still a mystery, but, if it resembles the original release from back in the day, we'll all be getting a cell phone that is more badass than an action movie starring Liam Neeson.

Unilad, Venture Beat

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