Need Motivation To Quit? Psychologist Says Non-Smokers Should Get An Extra Six Days Off Every Year

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Frankly speaking, non-smokers have the luxury of being less-likely to get lung cancer, so really, we don't understand why they deserve any more handouts, but whatever! Obviously we're kidding, cigarettes haven't been glamorous since the 1950s (when you could smoke at the age of 12) and anyone who still smokes them...should probably freakin' quit.

We know, it's hard, it's addictive, blah blah blah. We've heard it all before. If your health isn't enough to motivate you, perhaps this new study will be. In an interview with JOE, leading Irish psychologist Jason O'Callaghan from The D4 Clinic suggests that this time off would be a means of making up for the time non-smokers work while smokers are on their breaks:

"As the country that introduced the smoking ban, we should encourage Irish based companies to do the same. A Japanese company 'Piala Inc' is giving non-smoking workers up to six extra days of paid holidays to make up for the extra work they do while smoking employees take cigarette breaks,' O'Callaghan said."

While we totally understand the logic, we still find ourselves quibbling over the amount of time he's suggesting. How long does he think people go out and smoke for? 20 minutes at a time? Surely not enough to equate to 6 extra days a year for non-smokers, right? Well, O'Callaghan is suggesting otherwise:

"With most companies banning smoking on site. It can take an average of 15 minutes for a staff member to go for a cigarette. Just 4 a day is an hour from the workday wasted. That's 5 hours a week or 20 hours a month. Which works out at 2.5 days and if you multiply that by 12 months. That's a full 30 days a year that company is paying a staff member to smoke."

Geez, when you break it down like that it makes a lot of sense! However, if none of this information has persuaded you to quit. Just forgo your lunch hour. It's all relative, right? But, really, you should stop smoking.

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