Your Gym Routine Might Be The Reason Why You're Not Getting A Whole Lot Of Bedroom Action

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Staying fit is important, but, in our personal opinion, having sex would fall ahead on the list of priorities in our life to stay happy, as getting down and dirty has been related to stress relief and decreased anxiety.

And for those who think that going to get your lift on is something you need to do every single day, a new study from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill may have you rethinking that, because they've discovered that there's a ‘significant’ relationship between workout intensity and sexual appetite—in other words, men who workout a lot have a lower sex drive, per the New York Times.

After surveying 1,100 physically active adult men, asking them to compare exercise habits to their reported sexual interest and in engagement, researchers found that there were clear patterns between men whose exercise routines were moderate or light in intensity, finding that they were more likely to report moderate or high libidos. That's a stark contrast from men whose workouts were prolonged or intense, with research seeing a lower libido.

In effect, strenuous exercise “was associated with lower libido,” says Anthony Hackney, a professor of exercise physiology and nutrition at the University of North Carolina who led the study.

Of course, this was a small sample of men who voluntarily chose to complete a personally intrusive survey. It is impossible to know whether they were truthful or representative of the rest of their gender.

This type of study also cannot tell us whether too much exercise actually causes low libido, only that the two are linked. And it did not examine why strenuous exercise might dampen libidos.

But Dr. Hackney speculates that both physical fatigue and lower testosterone levels after exhausting exercise likely play a role.

As the above states, this is a small sample size, but Dr. Hackney and his colleagues are using it to, hopefully, conduct more research that can help pinpoint what exercises might start to lower men's libidos, with the doctor saying, "there does seem be a potential tipping point,” after which more exercise may blunt desire.

To help counterbalance a lower sex drive, Dr. Hackney suggests that men might tone down the exercise, expecting to see a boost in libido.

So, while being a gym rat is healthy for our body and mind, overdoing it can cause some serious damage to your sex life—so remember to keep a good balance, guys.

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