Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Images Are Leaked Pre-Launch, So Naturally, We're Going To Share Them

Image Via Evan Blass

In a world where confidential government documents and high-profile celebrity nudes get leaked, what makes anyone think a smartphone is safe from the same fate? You would think after the countless leaks the iPhone 8 has faced that competitors would smarted up. Rather than feel sorry for Samsung, it's possible to spin this situation into a positive. Leaks aren't always the coffin-seal for a new product, in fact, it's entirely possible that this will bolster both publicity and sales. Consider it a win-win, Samsung.

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The Galaxy Note line was set to be released/unveiled on August 23rd—a mere 3-weeks away. Darn hackers simply couldn't wait that long, I suppose. According to The Verge:

"A crisp image of the handset was just leaked to VentureBeat’s Evan Blass and posted to Twitter. The Galaxy Note 8, which Samsung hinted at in its New York City launch event invite with the phrase “do bigger things,” looks in the product image like a monstrous smartphone, thanks largely to the edge-to-edge Infinity Display technology of the Galaxy S8. Stretched to fit the Note’s larger frame, the screen looks even bigger and the bezels almost nonexistent."

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Little is known about The Note 8, other than that, "it will come with a dual-camera system and a hopefully non-exploding battery", as the The Verge so eloquently put it. From the looks of the leak, it appears at the very least larger. According to Forbes

"The Galaxy Note 8 takes this almost bezel-less design, enlarges it to a whopping 6.3-inches (the largest display ever to feature on a premium, mass market smartphone) and combines it with arguably the biggest omission from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus: a dual camera."

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